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Our Featured Speakers:

Kim Siegel


I help women, approaching midlife and beyond, move out of Groundhog Day, mundaneness. Designing their life so that the second half of their life looks more exciting than the first. I support them to live a life of no regrets and live their dreams even if they don’t know what that even looks like.

Linda Abbit

"How to Care For Yourself While Being a Caregiver"

Linda Abbit is an eldercare professional and caregiver with more than 25 years of experience caring for her parents and other family members. She is the author of The Conscious Caregiver: A Mindful Approach to Caring for Your Loved One Without Losing Yourself, (Simon & Schuster, 2017).

Linda worked for over 10 years in the eldercare and health care professions. In 2021, she retired from her position as Community Outreach Manager for Alzheimer’s Family Center, an adult day health care agency designed solely for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and their families.

She currently speaks, leads workshops and assists family caregivers through her book and her Tender Loving Eldercare website and Facebook page. Her talks are engaging, inspiring and, most importantly, full of real-world practices for new and veteran caregivers to implement in their daily caregiving.

In June 2023, Amy Dickinson recommended Linda's book to family caregivers in her nationally-syndicated column, "Ask Amy."

She holds a Master’s degree in Education and was a support group facilitator for the Alzheimer’s Association in Orange County for many years.

Linda received the Caregiver of the Year Award by Caregiving.com in 2009.

Her motto is “Self-care is NOT selfish!”

Charlotte Bayala

"Embrace Joy and Reduce Stress in Caregiving"

With more than ten years of dedicated experience as a cancer caregiver, Charlotte is a seasoned professional in her field. She holds certifications as an ERYT yoga and meditation teacher, as well as being a certified health coach. Notably, she is the visionary behind the Love Your Caregiving Life podcast and website.

Drawing from her own personal journey caring for her husband and her extensive training in Yoga and Meditation, Charlotte empowers fellow caregivers to integrate self-care strategies into their daily routines. Her approach centers on establishing healthy boundaries and nurturing habits that enable long-term caregiving while also encouraging caregivers to embrace their roles and advocate for themselves. You can find Charlotte at https://www.loveyourcaregivinglife.com

Debbie Weiss

Rewrite Your Story-Unleash Potential, Defy Circumstance and Take Control of Your Life

Debbie, at 50, woke up to the realization that life was too short to be spent prioritizing others over herself. She ditched "I can't" for "Maybe I can," shedding her victim mentality and refusing to let struggles define her. Recently widowed, she's more determined than ever to share her message. Her debut memoir, "On Second Thought... Maybe I Can," earned praise from Jack Canfield, co-author of The Chicken Soup of the Soul® series. Through her memoir, podcast and engaging talks, Debbie courageously bares her soul, reminding others they're not alone. Life is tough, but she's proof that dreams are worth pursuing.

Janice Goldmintz

The Impossible Choice--Navigating End-Of-Life Challenges

Janice Goldmintz, founder of Talk About Aging, helps children and their aging parents get in sync, any age, any stage. Her master’s degree in Gerontology has given her wide insight into what can be done to assist our seniors in creating the highest quality of life possible, no matter what the challenges may be.

As a child of aging parents, she has had to sift through a myriad of options, changes and emotional situations. Janice provides a way to navigate the overwhelm, whether from medical issues, family dynamics or work/life issues.

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